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Why We Got Started 

After 2 decades in the bathroom renovation industry, husband and wife, Pino and Julie made the strategic shift to manufacturing their own product. It took years of being frustrated with product quality, pricing structures and customer service to make the decision of starting National Acrylics (previously known as Canadian Acrylics).

With hard work, a dedicated team of employees, and a shared vision, our company has successfully addressed a gap in the market by offering quality acrylic wall surrounds, reliable customer service and competitive pricing.

Pino and Julie still own and operate Ultimate Bath Systems. This dynamic duo has not only answered their own problems as renovators but helped numerous other bathroom renovators avoid the same struggles they faced.

Working With National Acrylics

At National Acrylics we strive to set the gold standard for supplier relationships. Our top priority is building meaningful connections with each client for mutual benefit. Unlike other approaches focused on sales targets, we take a personalized approach, treating each client as an individual rather than just a number.

We firmly believe in giving our clients the freedom to run their businesses the way they want. We understand the challenges of navigating through economic fluctuations, seasonal preferences, amongst other factors affecting your business. That is why we don’t tie our clients down with monthly sales quotas, annual/monthly fees, or restrictive contracts. Our client loyalty steams from a shared belief in delivering great products and exceptional service.